Open BIM Carpentry (new program)

Open BIM Carpentry is a program that has been created to help users to design and create the documentation of the carpentry of a building. In its initial versions, Open BIM Carpentry allows users to specify the design of exterior glazed windows and doors and obtain the corresponding drawings and documents with the specifications that are required for the development of the project.

Open BIM Carpentry is integrated in the Open BIM workflow using the IFC standard and can be downloaded from the platform.

This integration allows Open BIM Carpentry to read the glazed openings of the BIM model that will be used as a reference by users to introduce and design the glazed doors and windows. The program allows users to define the types of windows and doors by specifying the type of sheet/pane, the opening system, the size and layout of the opening and blind box.

Open BIM carpentry generates a report that contains the necessary information on the breakdown of the windows and doors, and is exported to the BIM model as an attached document in PDF format, which can be used to complete the execution project.

Open BIM Carpentry also exports the 3D geometry of the designed elements to the BIM model located on the BIMserver.centerweb platform. This way, they can be viewed in the 3D views of any of the specialist programs participating in the BIM project and in the 3D viewer of the platform from mobile devices, tablets, computers...

Users must have the corresponding user license permit to be able to work with “Open BIM Carpentry”.

More information on this new CYPE program will be available shortly.