Other improvements and corrections

CYPECAD version 2023.c includes the following program improvements and corrections for some specific cases:

  • Beam interchange report
    The “Beam interchange file” with the Spanish structural code “Código Estructural” has been improved. Some reinforcement bars were not correctly dimensioned.

  • Exporting flat slab and waffle slab reinforcements
    Exporting reinforcement from waffle slabs and flat slabs to StruBIM Rebar has been improved. Occasionally, when a reinforcement group had a change of direction at the edge of the slab, reinforcement could be generated outside of the edge of the slab.

  • Editing column reinforcement
    The diameter of a rebar can now be selected by opening the drop-down menu with the down arrow key. Previously, clicking with the mouse was required.

  • Column forces
    The panel for checking the forces at column starts has been improved, the values of the shear forces and moments were interchanged.

  • Frame deflection groups
    The editing of frame deflection groups has been improved. Sometimes they were not modified correctly.

  • Selecting codes
    The selection of codes that appears by default when creating a new job has been improved. Since the timber code was added, the laminated steel code did not start with the same value as the value of the last job created.

  • Exporting the data used by the Open BIM Quantities program to the BIM project
    The export to the BIM project has been improved so that the Open BIM Quantities program can correctly identify the elements of the integrated 3D structures.

  • Importing walls from a BIM project
    The import of walls from a BIM project has been improved. In some cases, where walls were partially connected to columns, some spans of the wall were not imported.

  • Sharing in the BIM project
    An error that occurred when sharing CYPECAD information in the BIM project (“” button > “Share” option) when there were shear walls in the job and the “Interaction of the structure with the building elements” option was selected, has been solved.

  • Exporting the bill of quantities
    The export to FIEBDC-3 (BC3) format has been improved (“File” menu > “Export” “Bills of quantities”). The information required for importing into OpenBIM Quantities is now not included, it is only included when using the “ > Share” option. This information made it difficult to identify the elements when importing the BC3 file into any other program.

  • Surface loads
    The introduction of surface loads has been improved. Previously, with the grey or white screen background, the display of the contour when entering the first load was correct (blue colour), but in the following loads that were entered this colour was that of the contour infill, and in some cases, it was hard to see which contour was being entered.

  • Construction process
    The “Edit groups – Construction process” panel has been improved. The “Save as default settings” option in the panel was not working properly.

  • 3D reinforcement display
    The display of reinforcement in 3D has been improved. Previously, the reinforcement of stirrups at the column start with overlaps at mid-height was not displayed correctly.