Update history​


Concrete nodes (new CYPECAD module)

CYPECAD version 2025.a includes the new "Concrete nodes" module. With this module, CYPECAD can verify the seismic design requirements to be met by the beam-column nodes of reinforced concrete frames that are part of the seismic resistance system.

More information on how this module works can be found in CYPECAD’s new feature Checking the requirements for the seismic design of reinforced concrete nodes (new CYPECAD module).

Link to the project owner's public profile on BIMserver.center

Now, from the BIMserver.center project information window (displayed by clicking on the project name visible in the top right bar of the application), the owner's public profile page can be accessed on the BIMserver.center platform via the link inserted in the text representing the owner's name.

Other improvements and corrections

CYPECAD version 2025.a includes the following program improvements and corrections for some specific cases:

  • The display of the geometry of the beams in 3D and their export has been improved. Several cases have been solved where they overlapped with columns. This is still done in cases where the beam has a part that is not in contact with the column.

  • The "Edit groups-Construction process" has been improved. Now, when selecting more than one group in the list, the edited values in all selected groups are modified.

  • An error that could occur after moving columns with fanned-out studs as punching shear reinforcement if the layout of the studs in the new position could not be obtained, has been fixed. Now, in this case, the definition segment marked in red is shown.

  • The "Groups-Copy group elements" option has been improved. Previously, if any elements were entered via "Edit resources", they were copied even if the "Copy edit resources" option was not selected.

  • An error that occurred when performing the punching shear checks in a case where beams failed to intersect near the support has been fixed.

  • An error that occurred in the process of obtaining the centre of stiffness and the centre of masses when analysing a job with an integrated 3D structure in which rigid diaphragms are defined, has been solved.

  • An error in the design of footings has been fixed. This could occur in the case of a rectangular footing when "Make square" was selected in "Direction of growth".

  • There has been an improvement in the entry of editing features in the beam portal frame editor.

  • The elements of the portal frame can now be snapped.

  • An error that occurred when a concrete wall was inserted and this generated a new panel, if the wall had the "Shear wall" option checked, has been fixed.

  • An error that systematically occurred when obtaining the force report for composite slabs has been fixed. This error occurred in version 2024.f due to changes made in the generation of reports.

  • The time for generating the bars of beam portal frame reinforcement for the 3D view with detailing and for exporting this reinforcement has been significantly reduced. In future patches, the time for generating the bars of other types of elements will also be reduced.

Bill of quantities of punching shear studs

As of version 2025.a, the quantities of PSB® punching shear studs manufactured by Peikko, as well as user-defined generic studs, are already exported when generating the structure's bill of quantities.

Copying punching shear reinforcement from one floor to another

This new feature in version 2025.a of CYPECAD makes it possible to copy the punching shear reinforcement defined for one support to the same support located on another floor.

Reference search

In CYPECAD version 2025.a, the "Groups-Search references" option has been added.

This allows users to search for elements (columns, walls, frames, slabs, beam intersections and predefined loads) by their reference.

Only the reference, or part of it, needs to be entered for the element to be located.

Beams and slabs can also be searched for with the "Beam 1" ("Slab 1") format.

Predefined loads

In the options for entering loads on the floor ("Loads", "Line loads on beams", "Surface loads on slabs"), the possibility of predefining these loads has been added so they can be entered more easily.

Furthermore, if any changes are made to the value of the load, they will be much quicker and there will be less chance of mistakes.

Concrete cover in beams per frame

In CYPECAD version 2025.a, it is now possible to define concrete covers in beams that are different from those entered in the general data of the job.

To do this, in "Beam Definition > Beams > Other options > Assign covers" tab, the "Specific for the beam" option can be selected.

Job templates

In the "File" menu of CYPECAD version 2025.a, the "Save as template" option has been added.

This new option allows the configuration and general data of a job to be stored in templates and used later when creating new jobs.

Saved templates can be used when creating a new job by selecting the "Start from a template" option.

Checking the requirements for the seismic design of reinforced concrete nodes (new CYPECAD module)

As of version 2025.a, CYPECAD verifies the requirements for the seismic design to be met by the beam-column nodes of reinforced concrete frames that are part of the seismic force resisting system.

These checks for reinforced concrete nodes have been implemented for the following codes:

  • ACI 318-08
  • ACI 318-11
  • ACI 318-14
  • ACI 318-19
  • NSR-10 (Colombia)
  • NTRC-17 (Mexico)
  • NB 1225001-1:2020 (Bolivia)
  • Eurocode 8
  • Spanish structural code "Código Estructural"

In the "Columns/Shear walls" menu of the "Results" tab, there is a new option: "Concrete nodes - Consult checks" which allows users to consult all the checks carried out in the selected node.

This option also allows users to access the corresponding editors, if necessary, in order to modify the reinforcement of the beams and columns at the node.

The "ULS checks" report has been extended with the corresponding tables summarising the status of the checks of the concrete nodes.

If not all checks are met at a node, a corresponding warning is displayed in the final analysis report, similar to the errors and warnings for other elements.

New groups and applications. Installing and uninstalling

In version 2025.a, CYPE Menu (which can now be downloaded exclusively from the BIMserver.center platform) has new program groups.

  • Architecture
  • Structures
  • MEP (Mechanical and Plumbing)
  • MEP (Electrical)
  • Energy and acoustic simulations
  • Project management
  • Project documents
  • Interoperability

Most of the CYPE applications are sorted into these groups. In previous versions, most of these applications could only be downloaded as single applications from the BIMserver.center platform.

By downloading and installing CYPE Menu, users will only have the CYPE programs menu installed, but none of the applications included in it will be downloaded or installed. Initially, each of the icons representing the CYPE Menu applications appears in a box with a grey background. When clicking on any of them for the first time (or on the button under the application's name), a contextual menu will appear allowing users to download and install the latest version of that application or an earlier version if available. Earlier versions (from 2024 onwards) will be available for those programs that include paid modules. Normally, free applications will only allow the latest version of these programs to be installed. Any installed version of any application can be uninstalled.

When an application has been installed, by clicking on the button under its name, the context menu that appears includes the "Uninstall" option.

More information on this program menu can be found in the FAQ "How to download and install programs from CYPE’s general menu".

The CYPE Menu download of versions before 2025 (with the applications included) is still available in the download area of the CYPE website.

CYPE Menu. Exclusive download from the BIMserver.center platform

As of version 2025.a, the CYPE program menu can only be downloaded from the BIMserver.center platform.

The CYPE Menu application was already available from version 2024.b on the BIMserver.center platform. Now, in version 2025.a, the advantages of CYPE Menu compared to previous versions, which were downloaded from the download area of the CYPE website, are as follows:

  • As of version 2024.b
    • Once CYPE Menu has been installed, the applications it contains will be installed from this new menu when they are opened for the first time.

  • As of version 2024.f
    • CYPE Menu allows users to manage the updates of the applications it contains.

  • As of version 2025.a
    • New program groups and many CYPE applications that could only be downloaded directly from BIMserver.center are included.
    • The version of each application to be installed can be selected (from version 2024 onwards).
    • Previously installed applications can be uninstalled.

Further information on the new features can be found in the following new features of CYPE Menu version 2025.a.

In the download area of the CYPE website, the download of the program menu for versions prior to 2025.a (in 64-bit and 32-bit) will still be available. In this download area, there is also a link to the BIMserver.center platform "Store" for downloading the 2025.a version of "CYPE Menu".

As a result of these changes, the 32-bit version of the CYPE Menu is no longer available in version 2025.a. As of 18 February 2019 (version 2019.f), the CYPE programs have been running on 64-bit systems. Since then, only the classic CYPE menu could be installed on 32-bit systems. All other applications (downloadable from the BIMserver.center platform) only worked on 64-bit systems. We believe that 32-bit programming is no longer feasible to take advantage of the superior performance of 64-bit processors and operating systems. Users who still want to use certain 32-bit CYPE programs (those available in the "CYPE Menu" prior to version 2025.a) must install a version prior to 2025.a from the download area of the CYPE website, but will not be able to upgrade their programs to later versions. Please refer to our FAQ question "Which version should I download, 64-bit or 32-bit?" for more information on the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.