Other improvements and corrections

CYPECAD version 2023.b includes other minor improvements and corrections of the program for certain cases:

  • Exporting reinforcement bars of beam frame openings to the BIM model

  • Beam reinforcement editor
    The editing of reinforcement bars has been improved so that when the value of the total length is changed, it is modified proportionally on both sides of the bar (if it is a negative moment rebar with respect to the node, and if it is positive moment rebar with respect to its centre).

  • Beam intersection references
    The generation of beam intersection references has been improved when a base reference is defined with more than 5 characters.

  • Exporting to the BIM project
    The size of the exported data has been considerably reduced in order to view the reinforcement of all elements in a BIM project.

  • Transverse reinforcement in the form of column and beam stirrups
    The generation of transverse reinforcement in the form of column and beam stirrups has been improved in accordance with the "Eurocode 8" seismic code. Stirrup anchorage is now carried out with 10ø, while previously it was carried out with 5ø.

  • Improving the import of walls from a BIM project
    In some cases, a wall could not be entered if there was an intersection where the end of one wall was not positioned on the axis of the other wall.

  • Joist floor slab cover
    The joist floor slab cover range has been increased to 8 cm.

  • Fire resistance check
    An error that occurred in jobs that included frames with locked reinforcement and an active fire resistance check has been fixed. After carrying out the analysis, the fire resistance check of frames with locked reinforcement could not be consulted. Now the error no longer appears, although, in jobs where this problem occurs, the frames must be unlocked and reanalysed in order to be able to consult these checks. These checks can also be accessed again if the frame reinforcement is edited and a modification is made.

  • Reports
    An error that occurred when generating a customised report that included the "Beam reinforcement report" and "U.L.S. Checks - Beams" chapters has been fixed.

  • Editing frame reinforcement
    An error that occurred when editing beam frame reinforcement after joining groups has been fixed.