Reading the model reference and the source application of the IFC entities

Each application involved in a BIM project on the BIMserver.centre platform includes a BIM model in this project by means of an IFC file that consists of different entities. Open BIM Quantities imports these entities with their corresponding properties.

As of version 2022.f, Open BIM Quantities displays two more properties for each entity imported from the BIM project: the reference of the BIM model from which it originates and the application from which it was generated. The model reference and the name of the source application are included respectively in the new "Model" and "Application" fields, which are in turn incorporated into the "BaseProperties" property set. Just like the other properties and quantities, this data can be used in the rules of measurement as part of the selection of elements of the project or to type in the commentary of the detail lines of an item. It is also possible to use them in the "Filter" tool to display, for example, the bill of quantities of a specific contribution.

In order to view the new properties in jobs carried out with previous versions of Open BIM Quantities, users must update the project in the application again.