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Update of displacements from the BIM project

Up until version 2023.g, the update of bars from the BIM project updated both the bar section as well as the displacements, rotation and position.

As of version 2023.g, the displacements and rotation can be maintained in the BIM project update.

The bars generated from the BIM project include the "Keep the displacements applied to the bars if the design model is reloaded" option in the "Insertion point" section. When this option is deactivated, all the parameters of the bars are updated. When the option is activated, the level parameters are not updated. This option will be deactivated by default, allowing updates to be carried out. When a bar is assigned a level, the option is automatically activated.

The update dialogue includes the "Lose the displacements applied to the bars even though it has been indicated that they must remain" option. By checking this option in the update, all the parameters of the bars will be updated, even if the corresponding option is activated for each bar.