Vector graphics format export of 3D scenes

The option to export the 3D scenes in sheets in vector graphics format has been implemented in version 2022.g. Up to version 2022.f, these scenes were exported as raster images.

From the scene editing panel, the line style to be used for vector graphics format export can be configured.

From the 'Print' dialogue box, the scene views can be exported:

  • As raster image (option used until this improvement was implemented).
  • As vector image (when possible).

The latter option must be selected to export in vector graphics format. In particular, this explains the "when possible" note in the option, a scene view is exported as a vector image if two requirements are met:

  • The projection defined for the view is axonometric.
  • The colour mode is monochrome.

As an example, there are two PDF sheets that can be downloaded, which have been exported in vector graphics format.