New features

2019.c Version

10 August 2018

Correct program errors

The 2019.c version of CYPE programs is a version to correct program errors. It does not include any new features with respect to the 2019.b version.

Shown below are the errors that have been corrected.

Errors corrected in CYPECAD

  • The error that appeared when the position of steel columns was modified in projects that included steel connections has been solved.
  • The error that arose when a project was analysed in which an opening had been introduced in a wall in an area where a column ended has been corrected.
  • The loads that appear in the corbels reports are shown in the unit system that has been selected in the program.
  • Errors that could appear when using the "F6" key (loads visibility on plan) in a tab that is not the “Beam Definition” tab are corrected.
  • The selection of the visible templates (DXF, DWG or BIM model) that users chose in the “Column Definition” tab was lost when they changed to a different tab.
  • When a project is created from a BIM model, the column templates are activated by default in the "Column Definition" and the floor slab outline templates in the “Beam Definition” tab.

Errors corrected in CYPECAD MEP

In the "Climatique" tab of CYPECAD MEP installed in French, it was possible to select an air conditioning system (Flexa 3.0) that is not available in the CYPE construction cost database for France, which caused an error in the program. Instead of this system, the "Innobus Pro6" system of "Airzone" should appear, which is available in the Generador de precios. This error is corrected with the 2019.c version.

Errors corrected in CYPEGAS

If, in the list of "Pipes" that can be seen in the " Design and check options to be carried out" (which appears by selecting the “General options” in the "Project" section of the top toolbar) only one pipe could be seen, it could not be introduced in the project. Users had to define more than one, even only one was going to be used in the project. In the 2019.c version, one pipe can be introduced even if only that type is present in the mentioned pipes list.

Errors corrected in CYPETHERM LOADS

The “Location data” panel of CYPETHERM LOADS of the 2019.b version did not save the changes that had been carried out by users. The problem has been corrected in the 2019.c version.

Errors corrected in Arquimedes

Under certain conditions, the Arquimedes module: "Automatic quantity import from drawings and link with CAD programs" caused an error when the quantities had been exported from the CAD program. If, in the dialogue where the error text appeared, the "Exit" option was selected, users could import the measurements that had been carried out in the CAD program in Arquimedes without any problem. This error no longer appears in the 2019.c version.

BIM model import

In certain applications included in the Open BIM workflow, in the panel where the files to be imported from the BIM project are selected, it is also possible to select whether the programs that have generated those files are of the "Initiator" or "Additional" type. In the 2019.b version, the name of these types and the texts of the headings of the table where the selection was carried out were not correct. The names and texts of the headings are corrected in the 2019.c version.