BuildingSMART International acknowledges the Open BIM COVID-19 application in their 2021 awards

BuildingSMART International, the world’s leading international organisation specialised in BIM technology, whose aim is to improve the exchange of information between software applications used in the construction industry, has acknowledged the Open BIM COVID-19 program developed by CYPE with a special mention in the “Technology” category in their 2021 awards.

The jury of the bSI Awards Program 2021 has praised the app launched in May 2020 to design, calculate and implement safety measures in spaces in response to COVID-19, highlighting the simplicity it offers in adopting and validating the necessary preventive measures and minimising the infections caused by COVID-19, as well as optimising space occupancy both in buildings and open spaces, taking aspects such as social distance and furniture into account.

The possibility of using this tool anywhere, thanks to the fact that these criteria can be adapted to national safety regulations in response to COVID-19, has been another of the most highly praised aspects by the jury, in addition to its use of Open BIM technology for sharing information and viewing the results in 2D, 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality.

CYPE was invited to present the Open BIM COVID-19 application last March by the organisation during “The buildingSMART International Virtual Summit Spring 2021”. There, Afonso Solak, civil engineer and CYPE’s Digital Marketing Director, explained how the program also generates documentation with detailed reports that include maximum capacity or graphic representation for designing the most appropriate layout according to the criteria established by the country’s code.

Acknowledged programs on the BuildingSMART International list

BuildingSMART International includes several CYPE applications that operate in the workflow proposed by the platform in its list of applications that work under Open BIM standards. More specifically, the organisation acknowledges programs for structural analysis such as CYPECAD, the design and analysis of CYPECAD MEP building services, software for modelling and energy simulation of buildings with EnergyPlus™ CYPETHERM EPlus or Open BIM Layout software for the composition of drawings with views and sections that have been created based on BIM models, including the management of incidents on the model, and the AcouBAT by CYPE acoustics program.