CYPE launches the new 2020 version


CYPE intensifica su apuesta por la tecnología Open BIM con el lanzamiento de 15 nuevos programas

En el área de estructuras, nuevos programas Open BIM complementan y mejoran las funcionalidades de los software CYPECAD y CYPE 3D

Las empresas Giacomini, Midea, Movair, Saunier Duval y Vaillant ya cuentan con un Open BIM Systems adaptado a las especificidades técnicas de sus productos

CYPE has launched the new 2020 version with a set of programs and technological solutions that confirm the company's commitment to Open BIM technology by developing 15 new programs. Additionally, the 2020 version is also a turning point for CYPE when it comes to its offer of architectural modelling programs; it has developed five new solutions that will help make the work of technical clients and designers using the platform more visual, competitive and intuitive.

As for the new Open BIM programs that have been incorporated in the 2020 version of CYPE, those that stand out are those belonging to the structures field, which thanks to their communication with CYPECAD and CYPE 3D, improve and enhance their performance in an Open BIM workflow. To do so, StruBIM Design Shear Walls allows users to import shear walls and their forces so it can design and check their reinforcement. Then, StruBIM Rebar displays the 3D model, which stands out for the “precision and level of detail it provides, as well as for the results it offers: reports, drawings and exports information to the BIM project”, explains Carlos Fernández, Technical Director of CYPE.

Another new feature in the structures field when working in an Open BIM workflow, is CYPECAD’s option to start a project on the platform. "Project designers can now start a BIM project with the structural construction model. This model will act as a reference for the subsequent development of all the other technical fields", indicates the Technical Director of CYPE.

New features of the 2020 version of CYPE!

New modelling programs and visualisation improvements

The 2020 version of CYPE also incorporates new architectural modelling programs that will offer project designers the possibility to carry out more creative projects, and minimize any errors thanks to its 3D view and the option to see the results in Augmented Reality using the platform.

Amongst these new programs is Open BIM Stairs & Ramps, which carries out the architectural modelling of stairs and ramps. With this new program, users can generate individual spans of stairs or ramps automatically, as well as stairwells or ramp cores. Another program, Open BIM Layout, is an application designed to compose drawings with views and sections that are created using BIM models, and combining them with different information layers, scales and resolutions.

Named Open BIM Model Checker, CYPE has developed a program to aid users working on the platform to quickly identify any existing errors in virtual models and send warnings to project members, containing text or images, to inform and solve problems more quickly. To Carlos Fernández, "this new software is an excellent tool to improve the collaborative, multidisciplinary and multi-user workflow that Open BIM technology provides thanks to the real-time reporting of incidents to the participants of the project”.

View the trajectory of air and fluids

With the aim to improve project views, CYPE has also incorporated two new solutions in the 2020 version so that project designers can monitor and view the trajectory of air and fluids in an architectural project.

To do so, CYPEDOC CTE HS 3 software provides an animation of the air flow path in the 3D model and offers a complete view of the path that the air follows in the building, while CYPEPLUMBING Sanitary Systems and CYPEPLUMBING Water Systems generate an animation of the direction of the water flow, whose speed is proportional to that of the water in each section.

Another improvement that has been incorporated in the field of project visualization is that incorporated in the IFC Builder tool that can now show the shadows of the model and those produced by adjacent buildings. With this solution, users can view an animation of the 3D view where they can see how the shadows vary during the day and during any day of the year at a selected time.

BIM telecommunications solutions

Telecommunications engineers will also find programs specifically aimed at their work in the 2020 version of CYPE, which will allow them to work with other specialists on a BIM project. Specifically, CYPETEL Schematics analyses and designs telecommunications facilities, whilst CYPETEL Systems designs the infrastructure of telecommunications systems.

New manufacturers are added to Open BIM Systems

The 2020 version also comes with the incorporation of five new manufacturers to CYPE Open BIM Systems solutions. Specifically, Giacomini, Midea, Movair, Saunier Duval and Vaillant are companies that have highly specialized software of their products, with which users can integrate their solutions in BIM projects.

In just over a year, 20 companies around the world have opted for this innovative CYPE solution that offers them the possibility to have design software that is completely adapted to their needs and technical specificities when working in an Open BIM workflow.