Quiet success: four decades of providing personalised customer service


The Technical Support Department is the pillar on which CYPE is built in order to attend to users' needs and ensure their loyalty to its programs

"Not only do we solve technical problems and offer assistance to users of our programs in times of difficulty, but we also create a bond of trust and loyalty between ourselves and the users". This is how José Manuel Lluch, coordinator of CYPE's Technical Support Department, describes the work carried out by the professionals in this area, who have been assisting users from practically all over the world on a daily basis for four decades.

In an increasingly complex sector such as the calculation and design in the engineering, architecture and construction industries, the Technical Support Department has been gaining increasingly more importance year after year by attending to and resolving the queries of users who see how the launch of new codes and technological innovations can bring their work to a standstill.

In those moments of doubt is when the professionals in this department, a cornerstone in CYPE's policy, start working via the phone, by email or on the website, providing personalised service and solving each of the queries that come in. And there are plenty of them. According to José Manuel Lluch, Technical Support dealt with more than 60,000 queries last year with a successful resolution rate.

The data from the satisfaction surveys that CYPE carries out every year among its users acknowledges the team's work. In 2022, the last year that was analysed following the participation of more than 1,500 customers, 78.2% of those consulted rated the service over the phone as "Good" or "Very good", while only 1% considered the service as unsatisfactory. In terms of resolved issues, the success rate of CYPE's Technical Department was exceptionally high, with only 4.5% of incidents remaining unresolved.

More channels for user support

To speed up user support, CYPE has developed the Technical Support Department and established new communication channels to meet the needs of users and reduce waiting times wherever possible. Therefore, ever since the initial service was provided over the phone, the technology company has been complementing this service by means of emails, the website and videos.

"The inclusion of emails to deal with technical queries several years ago speeded up the cases we deal with," recalls José Manuel Lluch, while also pointing out that the creation of a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page and, in recent years, the production of video tutorials on the most common queries have also enabled CYPE users to find answers to their queries more quickly and efficiently.

To provide the best service to CYPE users, the Support Department team benefits from all the aforementioned technologies and, above all, from remote access to the client's computer. "This type of technology is the most valued by our clients, as our specialists take control of the client's computer, explain and solve the problem while the client watches the whole process live," explains José Manuel Lluch.

Gone are the days when technology at that time was not as efficient. In the 1990s, for example, the Technical Support coordinator recalls that solving queries with customers in Latin America was carried out via fax as a communication channel or by sending 3 ½" floppy disks.

Personalised customer service

The personalised customer service provided by the technicians, together with the new communication channels, have turned CYPE's Technical Support Department into the perfect "thermometer" for measuring the satisfaction and loyalty of CYPE's users, while also forging human relationships and creating a bond based on trust that "allows us to maintain long-lasting relationships with customers who have been with us for decades".

As a result, CYPE's Technical Support team is also responsible for giving presentations, technical meetings and face-to-face workshops, thanks to which "we personally know many of the users who call us and with whom we have been dealing for years", emphasises Mr Lluch.

Carlos Fernández, technical director and head of CYPE's Technical Support Department, is confident on this point, certifying that "We have always been aware of the importance of customer service and customer satisfaction when they continue to use our programs".

For this reason, CYPE will continue to invest in the Technical Support Department as it has done for forty years, incorporating technological improvements to facilitate communication with users, both to resolve queries and to receive comments and suggestions. An investment that doesn't overlook the most essential aspect: the commitment to offer user-focused service.

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The Technical Support Department is the pillar on which CYPE is built in order to attend to users' needs and ensure their loyalty to its programs