Update history​

CYPE Construction Systems

Shortcuts for all applications

CYPE apps have keyboard shortcuts common to all programs. In versions before 2024.e, each program displayed the keyboard shortcuts for each app via the "Search and activation of commands and options" in the top left-hand corner of the programs.

As of version 2024.e, the "Shortcuts for all applications" tab has been implemented in the dialogue box displayed when selecting this option and it shows all the keyboard shortcuts common to CYPE apps.

Change of application names

In version 2024.d, the following CYPE applications have been renamed:

Previous nameNew name
CYPELEC SwitchboardOpen BIM Switchboard
Open BIM Construction SystemsCYPE Construction Systems
Open BIM Cost EstimatorCYPE Cost Estimator
Open BIM Gas SupplyCYPE Gas Supply
Open BIM Health and safetyCYPE Health and safety
Open BIM LightningCYPE Lightning
Open BIM SewerageCYPE Sewerage
Open BIM Water SupplyCYPE Water Supply

Importing and exporting the library of construction systems

The complete library of constructive systems can now be imported and exported.

For this purpose, the "Import" and "Export" buttons have been added to the right-hand side of the "Construction systems" window. This means that it is no longer necessary to export each category of construction systems separately in order to reuse them in other projects.

New construction system: Defences

"Defences" have been added to the construction systems available in the application.

This new category is located in the "Walls and partitions" group of the construction system library.

Calculating the thermal transmittance in a construction system defined by layers

The result of the thermal transmittance calculated from the definition of the layers of a construction system has been added to the "Construction systems" window. This value appears in the caption of the layer configuration in walls and floor slabs.

Defining "Thermal conductivity" in layers

As of version 2024.d, users can now enter the "Conductivity" of a layer associated with a construction system defined by layers instead of the "Thermal resistance".

Unlike previous versions where the "Thermal resistance" value could be calculated from the "Conductivity", now the "Conductivity" can be stored directly as layer data.

Change of program name

In version 2024.d, "Open BIM Construction Systems" is now called "CYPE Construction Systems".

Sorted types of construction systems

As of version 2024.c, the types of construction systems are sorted into a tree diagram and are grouped in the following sections:

  • Walls and partitions
  • Floor slabs
  • Openings
  • Stairs and ramps
  • Thermal breaks

Improved definition of windows and skylights

The following changes have been made to the definition of windows, doors and skylights: 

  • The "Height" and "Width" fields have been added.

  • In windows and skylights, the characteristics for "Glazing", "Fittings" and "Accessories" have been separated into tabs. The technical data associated with the glazing and fittings can be found within these tabs.

  • Manufacturer products can now be selected when defining the fittings.

Display floor view templates in the 3D view

For 3D views defined within applications with a 3D working environment, the "Show selected templates in each floor view" option has been added. When activated, the templates visible in each of the floor views will be displayed in the 3D view in the dimension corresponding to these views.

Managing the visibility of templates in the view configuration window

As of version 2024.c, applications with a 3D working environment can manage the visibility of templates from the view configuration panel. For this purpose, the "DXF-DWG templates" tab has been added, where a list of all the templates imported into the project is displayed together with a checkbox to indicate which ones should be shown in the view.

Incorporation of manufacturers' libraries

Version 2024.c of the CYPE programs listed below incorporates product libraries from different manufacturers so that they can be downloaded and used in the BIM model generated by the program.

  • CYPE Architecture
  • CYPE Construction Systems
  • CYPELEC PV Systems
  • CYPEPLUMBING Water Systems
  • CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems