Update history​


Update notification available

As of version 2025.b, applications now display a warning message in their initial window when a new update is available. This message provides information about the "installed version" and the "available version", together with a direct link to the Store page of the BIMserver.center web platform.

Clicking on the “Upgrade to the latest version” button automatically starts the download and installation process of the application. This feature ensures that the most current version of the program is always being used, thus benefiting from the latest improvements.

This method replaces the automatic notification and update process of a new version in the BIMserver.center programs available in previous versions.

Visibility of the "Price" and "Amount" columns

As of version 2025.b, Open BIM Quantities allows users to set the visibility of the “Price” and ”Amount” columns in several windows, including the ”Bill of quantities” table, the ”Project database” and the ”Cost databases”.

This configuration is done from the "Columns" option of the "Visualisation" group in the toolbar. Users can choose to hide or show these columns according to their needs, resulting in a more personalised interface focused on the relevant information for each type of project.

This feature is particularly useful for bills of quantities without prices.

New "Bill of quantities (Table)" report

A new report called “Bill of quantities (Table)” has been added to the “BoQ Reports” available from the toolbar in the “Bill of quantities” tab.

This report includes all the concepts defined in the project in a table with the following columns:

  • Code
  • Description
  • Unit
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Amount

Link to the BIMserver.center Store

In the configuration panel for each application, a direct link to its page in the BIMserver.center web store has been included.

By clicking on the “Go to BIMserver.center Store” button, users are redirected directly to the corresponding page in the Store, where they can learn more about the application, view its features, read reviews from other users and see examples of real contributions.

This feature provides easy access to additional resources and support, enhancing the user experience by providing quick and easy access to all relevant information about the applications.

Information about the license model

An information message has been incorporated into the installation button of the applications so that, before proceeding with the installation, users can identify which applications are free to use (free of charge) and which require licensing permissions (including paid modules).

This enhancement improves the user experience by providing clarity and transparency on the options available to the user based on their license model.

Installing background apps

In the new 2025.b version of CYPE Menu, the background installation feature has been added. Users can now continue working on other tasks while applications are automatically installed in the background.

During the background installation process, the “Installing program” message is displayed next to the applications button in the main CYPE Menu window. Once completed, the message disappears and the application can be run.

This feature is designed to make applications easier to use and manage, improving productivity and the overall experience by minimising waiting time and interruptions during the installation of new applications or upgrades.

Connection to BIMserver.center

There is now an additional option in the main CYPE Menu window to “Log in” to BIMserver.center.

This way, downloaded applications also appear in the user's account on the BIMserver.center platform.

Changes to the applications available from the menu

The following modifications have been made to the availability of the applications from the CYPE Menu.


  • CYPEHVAC Schematics

  • ELODIE by CYPE (Only in the CYPE Menu in French)


  • CYPELEC Core, CYPELEC REBT, CYPELEC NF and CYPELEC RETIE. They are joined together in a single program called CYPELEC.


  • CYPEURBAN. Available for download and installation from the BIMserver.center platform.

  • IFC Uploader. New contributions can now be created directly from the project page on the BIMserver.center platform.

  • CYPEFIRE FDS Viewer. CYPEFIRE FDS can be used to view FDS simulations.

Updating all the applications

The "Updates" option has been implemented in the main CYPE Menu window. Thanks to this tool, multiple updates of installed applications can be carried out via the CYPE Menu.

When clicking on the “Updates” option, a window opens with a list of all installed applications. Select a set of them and, after clicking "Accept", the update process will start.

During this process, progress is displayed in the main CYPE Menu window indicating the current status of the update.

If an update is available for the CYPE Menu itself, it is shown below the list of applications to be updated. However, it is important to note that the update of the CYPE Menu is carried out on its own.

This new feature makes application maintenance easier, ensuring that the latest improvements are always available.

Link to the project owner's public profile on BIMserver.center

Now, from the BIMserver.center project information window (displayed by clicking on the project name visible in the top right bar of the application), the owner's public profile page can be accessed on the BIMserver.center platform via the link inserted in the text representing the owner's name.

Element selection tool. Copy multiple times

As of version 2025.a, it is now possible to copy ("Ctrl+C") a group of elements and paste ("Ctrl+V") them in several places with the selection tool. In previous versions, the elements selected for copying could only be pasted once.

The "Element selection" tool was implemented in version 2021.e.

CYPEPLUMBING Water Systems / CYPEPLUMBING Sanitary Systems / CYPEPLUMBING Schematics diagrams / CYPEPLUMBING Solar Systems / Open BIM Water Equipment. Discontinued programs

Starting with the 2025.a version of CYPE programs, the following applications will no longer be available:

  • CYPEPLUMBING Water Systems and CYPEPLUMBING Sanitary Systems
    The features of these two programs are combined in CYPEPLUMBING (new application implemented in version 2025.a). Users can now design water supply systems, wastewater and rainwater drainage systems and create their drawings in the same program. Learn more about the advantages of this new application implemented in version 2025.a in CYPEPLUMBING.

    Version 2024.f of CYPEPLUMBING Water Systems and CYPEPLUMBING Sanitary Systems can still be downloaded from the BIMserver.center platform.

  • CYPEPLUMBING Schematics diagrams
    The features of this application (automatic generation of the schematic diagram of a water supply system using the BIM connection with CYPEPLUMBING Water Systems) become part of CYPEPLUMBING in version 2025.a; and can be found in the main CYPEPLUMBING window, specifically, in the "Diagrams" tab located at the top and which appears when the "Water Systems" tab located at the bottom is selected. In CYPEPLUMBING you can find out about the advantages of this new application implemented in this version 2025.a.

    Version 2024.f of CYPEPLUMBING Schematics diagrams can still be downloaded from the BIMserver.center platform.

  • CYPEPLUMBING Solar Systems
    This application will no longer be generated in version 2025.a. However, the CYPEPLUMBING Solar Systems download version 2024.f is still available on the BIMserver.center Store so that users can continue to design solar thermal systems for domestic hot water or heating. In versions after 2025.a, the features of this program will become part of CYPEPLUMBING.

  • Open BIM Water Equipment
    The equipment that could be entered by this application can continue to be entered from CYPE Architecture, and the consumption and discharge values of each unit are automatically entered in CYPEPLUMBING when a consumption or discharge system is positioned.