Associated programs:

"Analysis" group in the main toolbar

Connections modelled in StruBIM Steel or imported from the CYPE Connect compatible library can also be analysed according to the previously selected code criteria (see more information in the "Modelling, analysis and graphical information of connections" section) as well as being modelled with all the necessary fabrication information. For this to be possible, the license used must contain CYPE Connect and the OpenSees module as well as StruBIM Steel.

If these conditions are met, via the tools in the "Analysis" group of the main toolbar, users can carry out the following:

Analyse all the connections

The program will start an analysis of all the modelled connections of the structure and will issue a final report with the analysis results.

Analyse the selected connections

After selecting one or more connections, the program will start the analysis process of the selected connections. This process is ideal for quickly checking connections that have been modified.

More information:
Further information on CYPE Connect and OpenSees©, and the modules required to carry out the analysis of the connections, can be found on the CYPE Connect page.