Associated programs:

Defining the project characteristics

In the main toolbar, in the "Project" group, the following project data can be defined:

Selecting the code used in the connection analysis

As an alternative to the detailing of the connections that can be performed in StruBIM Steel, the program also offers users the possibility to analyse the connections using CYPE Connect, which works together with StruBIM Steel, as long as both programs are included in the license. In this case, the selection of the design codes for the different project materials is carried out from the "Codes" window.

Codes available in the program


  • ABNT NBR 8800:2008
  • AISC 360-16 (LRFD)
  • BS 5950-1:2000
  • Código Estructural
  • EAE 2011
  • Eurocode EN 1993
  • IS 800:2007


  • Eurocode EN 1992
  • ACI 318M-19
More information:
You can consult the wide range of codes included in CYPE programs by clicking on this link.