Associated programs:

Licenses, program versions and supported modules

StruBIM Steel has two different versions and several modules that can be combined to increase the tool's performance.

Program versions

Professional version

The Professional version of StruBIM Steel includes all essential StruBIM Steel tools and can be used together with the various modules it supports. It was released in version 2023.d.

“Free Launch Edition” version

StruBIM Steel Free Launch Edition is a cost-free, open-use version, with no expiry date or limits, which was available for download until the 2023.c version of CYPE software. As we committed ourselves to its professional use, and to ensure that it would not disappear when the professional version of the software was released, all the features of the launch version became free features of the professional version. All projects that were being carried out with the release version can be resumed in the professional version.

Modules supported by the program

SPD module: Structural steel detailing drawings

The “Structural steel detailing drawings” module is supported by StruBIM Steel and allows StruBIM Steel to generate the graphic documents of the steel structure.

E11 module: Export detailing of the steel structure (IFC EM.11)

The "Export detailing of the steel structure (IFC EM.11)" module is supported by StruBIM Steel and allows structural detailing drawings to be exported in IFC EM.11 format. As well as the E11 code, licenses containing the latest version of CYPE software and CIS, TKL or TCM codes can also use the module with no limits.

CCS module: CYPE Connect Steel – Steel connections · Compatibility with CYPE Connect

StruBIM Steel is supported by CYPE Connect, and the CYPE Connect design and code-checking tools can be used as an integrated part of StruBIM Steel. The license must include the CCS and OSP codes for this to be possible.

OSP module: OpenSees©. Professional version.

The OpenSees© analysis engine is included in CYPE Connect and is used when analysing connections between structural steel bars. In order to use CYPE Connect seamlessly with StruBIM Steel, both CCS and OSP codes are required.

SBA module: CYPE Connect Anchors - Concrete anchors

Analysing anchors via CYPE Connect can be carried out using the SBA module. This module is compatible with both StruBIM Steel and CYPE Connect and requires the CCS and OSP codes in order to be used, in addition to its own code.

APL module: Buckling analysis (local stability)

The "Buckling Analysis (local stability)" module is used to study the local stability of connections in steel structures. It is compatible with both StruBIM Steel and CYPE Connect. Users must have both CCS and OSP codes, as well as their own APL code, to be able to use it.