Associated programs:

Results output

Manufacturing models (DSTV, STEP)

Models in DSTV and STEP format can be exported in two ways: via the export settings of the platform, and via the options available in the top left corner of the program's main window.

The export options in STEP format can be carried out by including both the complete structure (Structure) and the individual parts (Parts).

The STEP format (ISO 10303) allows the exchange of data between design and manufacturing systems (CAD, CAM, CAE). The DSTV file format is an industry standard defined by the German steel construction association Deutsche Stahlbau-Verband.

Sheets in DWG, DXF or PDF format

Sheets generated in StruBIM Steel via the options contained in the “Structural steel detailing drawings” module can be exported in DWG, DXF or PDF format.

Export detailing of the steel structure in IFC EM.11 (Exchange Model 11)

EM.11 is an MVD (Model View Definition) specification of the IFC format containing information for automated steel fabrication. StruBIM Steel exports using this format for sections, plates, welds, bolts and screws.

The export to IFC EM. 11 works as a StruBIM Steel module. In order to be used, this module must be included in the StruBIM Steel software license.

Project reports

The following reports can be exported from models developed in StruBIM Steel:

  • Codes
  • Code check, summary
  • Checks

Quantities reports

Within the "Documents" tab, in the "Quantities" group of the main toolbar, you will find the necessary features to generate quantities reports of the elements of the structure.

The options available for generating quantities reports are the following:

  • Complete
    This option generates a quantities report for the whole structure.
  • By assemblies
    This option generates a quantities report for a selection of assemblies.
  • By parts
    This option generates a quantities report for a selection of parts.

The implemented reports include the following tables:

  • Assembly quantities
  • Assembly and part quantities
  • Sections quantities
  • Summary by type of section
  • Plate quantities
  • Bolt quantities
  • Weld quantities
  • Anchor quantities

GLTF file compatible with

When exporting the project to the platform, a 3D model is automatically exported in GLTF format for integrating the model of the structure into the Open BIM project, allowing the model to be displayed:

  • on the online platform;
  • in the application for IOS and Android;
  • in virtual reality and augmented reality;
  • in other CYPE programs.