Four resources that can help you learn to model with CYPE Architecture

CYPE Architecture, the new architectural modeling program released by CYPE, continues adding new functions with each version. To date, the program has received multiple updates, all of them full of new capabilities. Many interesting projects have been developed with the program, and in addition, the integrations with other applications improve day by day.

Since we know that you don't want to waste time, and that you want to learn to model a building as soon as possible with this IFC oriented, free modeler, we've listed four resources that may help you while you learn about the program:

“TIPS” video series published by CYPE on their official channels

CYPE has regularly published official video-tricks to their official channels which explain the operation of the program in several languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian). The TIPS, belonging to the application's Quickstart Guides, have an average length of between two and three minutes each, and always explain in detail the use of a specific program tool.

You can access the TIPS videos in different languages by using the following links:

Free online courses

One interesting option for learning to model with CYPE Architecture is the selection of online courses offered by CYPE or by their collaborating partners. To date, three courses have been launched:

  • “Introduction to architectural modeling with CYPE Architecture” Official course: Recently published, free and lasting approximately two hours. A fast-paced, focused course where the student can see the main program content divided into three sections: “Introduction, Basic Modeling and Detailed Modeling”. The course is available in Spanish directly from CYPE's official profile on the Udemy platform.
  • CYPE Architecture course from Top Informática: The firm Top Informática, official software distributor for CYPE in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde, has published its own CYPE Architecture course in Portuguese. This course is divided into three parts, about fifty minutes each, published on the company's official channel. The course is available via this link.

Seminars on modeling with CYPE Architecture, published in the webinar gallery, in collaboration with CYPE, has held several workshops, webinars, and other on-line events with the goal of training those interested in how to model with CYPE Architecture. All of the workshops held in collaboration with are published in the Webinar gallery, accessible in each language via the following links:

“Available resources” button on

From the Store you can download and install the program, and also consult more “Available resources” for each application. Among the available resources you can find articles, seminars, tutorials and other interesting links. To view the available resources for CYPE Architecture, go directly to the application page on