Automatically generating localised pressure drops in pipe joints

In version 2023.a of CYPEPLUMBING Water System, the "Localised pressure drops in pipe joints" tool has been implemented. This tool allows users to automatically generate the pressure drops that occur throughout the pipe run caused by the following types of joints:

  • 45º elbows
  • 90º elbows
  • Tees
  • Diameter reducers

This tool can be activated in two ways:

  • From the top toolbar when entering the system
    In this case, users can review the generated joints before the analysis.
  • From the analysis options
    The joints and their pressure drops are generated when the system is analysed.

The analysis of these pressure drops is fully configurable and several analysis methodologies can be applied, taking into account the "diameter and equivalent length", "diameter and pressure drop ", or "diameter and kinetic coefficient" ratios.

For this purpose, the "Accessories" option is added ("General options" > "Materials and equipment selection") where users can enter these factors, which may be code-based or directly consulted in the manufacturers' technical catalogues (normally in the latter case it is the kinetic coefficient of the type of joint).

Then, the analysis criteria to be used for each type must be set.

Users can set the symbols to be used.

In its most basic mode, the "Localised pressure drops in pipe joints" tool can also be used to count only the number of joints according to the indicated types ("45° elbows", "90° elbows", "tees" and "reducers"). To do this, simply deactivate the calculation of the localised pressure drop.

Finally, the options that the program will assign to each type of joint must be activated.

The following images show the number of joints generated in an installation of a 4-storey building with 8 apartments, and the details of an area in this system.