Associated programs

Checking anchors

Version 2023.b implements the detailed checking of anchors in accordance with Eurocode EN 1992. Until version 2023.b, the analysis of the connection was carried out by considering the anchors positioned and the non-linear contact between steel and concrete, but without checking the resistance of the anchors.

These new detailed checks can be consulted in the "Analysis" tab, as well as the checks already implemented for the rest of the elements. These checks can be for a single anchor as well as for the group.

In the project options, in the "Codes" dialogue box, the group of options relating to the concrete code for anchor testing has been implemented.

The "Anchors" operation includes the "Check anchors" option. When this option is activated, the program checks the anchors and also allows certain parameters and factors that must be taken into account in this check to be edited.

The connection summary list includes the resistance tables of the anchor group and the individual resistance of each anchor.