Composite elements of the IFC model in the rules of measurement

As of version 2023.g, Open BIM Quantities can read and display composite elements from the IFC model. Now, in version 2024.a, this relationship between components can be used for generating the bill of quantities via the rules of measurement. For this purpose, the "Spatial structure element" option in the drop-down menu associated with the "Entity" field has been replaced by the "Parent component" option. This allows users to access the parent entity of the selected element without the need for it to be a spatial structure element ("IfcSite", "IfcBuilding", "IfcBuildingStorey" or "IfcSpace"), as was the case in previous versions. To make it easier to select the parent component, a button has been added that displays a list of all the IFC entities available in the model.

An example of using this new feature is the subtraction of the area of the openings ("IfcOpeningElement") contained in a wall ("IfcWall") or slab ("IfcSlab") from the gross area of the building element ("GrossSideArea") when the net area ("NetSideArea") is not available. The properties of the individual components of an element defined by parts ("IfcBuildingElementPart") can also be accessed.