Concrete anchors

As of version 2022.f of CYPE Connect and StruBIM Steel, users can now model and design elements anchored to concrete. To do this, the "Anchors" and "Concrete" features have been included for modelling the connection.

  • Anchors
    The "Anchors" feature allows users to introduce the anchor elements of a steel plate or section into a concrete block. The program allows users to design the connection given the geometrical layout of the fastenings, as well as their geometrical and mechanical properties. There is a choice of different types of anchors, either welded or bolted.

    The anchorage can be made either to a new concrete block defined in the operation itself or to an existing block that has been previously defined.
  • Concrete
    The "Concrete" feature allows users to enter a concrete block where the material, dimensions and position of the block are defined.
  • Analysis
    When the analysis is carried out, a finite element model is automatically generated that characterises the behaviour of the different components involved in the connection, considering the type of anchors and the properties of the concrete block. Once the analysis has been completed, the compressive strengths in the concrete can be checked. The anchors cannot yet be checked in version 2022.f, but their resulting forces can be consulted.