Associated programs

Connection drawings

As of version 2022.f, CYPE Connect includes a new tool to help users create detail drawings for connections by integrating the editing and composition features from Open BIM Layout.

Once a connection has been modelled, users can switch to the sheet tab, where they can find the tools available for creating the details.

  • Scenes and Views
    To create the sheets, views of the connection model (front view, top view, side view, 3D view, etc.) can be inserted at the desired scale.

    The program allows predefined views to be inserted, but user-defined views can also be created and inserted.
  • Dimensioning and Tagging
    The program includes traditional drawing elements and dimensioning tools. Users can define and save their line, text or dimension styles to use them for any future sheets in connections.

    When dimensioning the connection elements, once the elevation has been entered, both the auxiliary lines and the text position can be modified.

    To tag elements, the tagging tool incorporates the most common types of tags in connection drawings. However, to speed up the process, the automatic tagging tool has been developed, which allows the selected element's tag to be automatically generated with the content and shape predefined by CYPE Connect.
  • Composition of sheets
    Once the sheets have been detailed, the next step is the composition level, where one or more sheets can be created using the content of the other sheets.

    The 'Link' tool allows users to add a reference to the content of one sheet to another, while the 'Composition of sheets' tool generates a mosaic of the selected sheets.
  • Linking with the connection model
    The content of the sheets is linked to the model of the connection, i.e. the scenes and views that have been defined, as well as the element tags entered, will be automatically updated if there are changes in the modelling of the connection.