Associated programs

Critical temperature

As of version 2022.f, CYPECAD and CYPE 3D allow the critical temperature of steel sections to be obtained for fire situations. The value of the temperature that each section must reach for collapse to occur is calculated by means of an iterative procedure, taking into account the combinations established by the code selected for the fire situation as well as the mechanical properties of the steel at elevated temperatures.

The results can be checked on screen, or in a summary table that includes the critical temperature and the shape factor corresponding to each of the structure's sections. This facilitates the use of catalogues of manufacturers of intumescent paint in order to obtain the thickness necessary to ensure that the load bearing capacity of the structure is maintained for the time required by the applicable fire code.

Since the critical temperature value of a section depends on the demand capacity ratio or demand factor of the section, this new feature is an excellent tool for optimising the total cost of the structure including its passive protection for the required fire resistance time.