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As of CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems version 2024.a, emitters can now be entered.

Emitters allow the hydraulic analysis and hydraulic check to be carried out on any fire extinguishing elements found in a system (sprinklers, fire hose reels, fire hydrants, etc.) without depending on the geometric and hydraulic restrictions of the sprinklers and hydrants that already exist in the program.

To enter an emitter, simply enter the following:

  • The “Reference”
    A tag to identify the element entered in the list.
  • The "K-Factor"
    K-factor of the emitter for analysing the flow.

CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems does not carry out any checks on the emitters but, thanks to the EPANET calculation engine, it can carry out the hydraulic analysis of the designed system and, on the program interface itself, it allows users to view the flow and pressure data obtained for each of the emitters entered.

With this new feature, CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems becomes more versatile. Now, as well as being able to continue to use the predefined elements such as sprinklers or fire hose reels, the emitters can be used to carry out only the hydraulic justification of the desired element.