Equipment information in the 3D viewer of

As of the 2019.a version, CYPEFIRE Sprinklers exports, to the BIM model, data on the elements used in the fire safety installation from the sprinklers that it designs. This data is included in a “.GLTF” format file that is used to show the model 3D both in the viewer that is integrated in the web platform and in its application for mobile devices -App.

Thanks to this new feature, BIM project collaborators can obtain the following information regarding the elements that have been introduced in the project:

  • Sprinklers
    Reference, height, type, orientation and K-factor.
  • Pipes
    Reference, material, diameter and roughness.
  • Supports
    Reference, diameter and height.
  • Seismic supports
    Reference, angle at which it is placed and supported load.
  • Tanks
    Reference and volume.