Exporting forces in bars for the analysis of connections in StruBIM Steel and CYPE Connect Steel

In version 2021.f of CYPECAD and CYPE 3D, the "Export forces to design connections" option has been added to each respective export dialogue from the design model to the BIM project on the platform that they are connected to.

When this option is selected in CYPECAD or CYPE 3D, the forces designed at the ends of the steel elements (beams, columns, and also, in CYPECAD, bars in integrated 3D structures) are exported to the BIM project for the hypotheses of the combined actions included in the latest limit states.

Thus, the forces are available for modelling and designing the connections of this project in the CYPE Connect Steel and StruBIM Steel programs (shown in the attached image of the editor for modelling and analysing connections which is included in both programs).

Soon, this editor will also be available for CYPECAD and CYPE 3D.

More information on CYPE Connect Steel.