Improved use of the connection library

Keep previously defined operations

Up until version 2024.a, when importing a library connection, the list of previously defined operations was cleared. As of version 2024.a, users are given the option to keep the previously defined operations when importing a library connection by activating the "Keep previously defined operations" option. This option is disabled by default.

When importing a connection and keeping the previous operations, if there are already operations with similar references, the prefix B, B1, B2, etc. shall be added to the new operations.

This improvement allows users to import the same library connection several times in the same node or to import several different library connections.

Compatible connections

As of version 2024.a, library connections will be compatible and can be imported even if the section types are different, and even if the sections are different with respect to the "continuous" or "non-continuous" section option.

Matching connections

As of version 2024.a, the import panel of library connections will mark connections with a "=" symbol if their section layout is the same as that of the node.