Improvements and corrections

CYPECAD version 2021.g includes some minor improvements and corrections for the program that could occur in rare situations:

  • Exporting plans to PDF format has been improved. Several problems with the "Adobe PDF" printer emulator have been solved.
  • As of version 2021.g, beam reinforcement tables defined for standard ACI 318M-14 in jobs following standard ACI 318M-19 can be imported.
  • As of version 2021.g, users can snap templates generated during project creation using the "Automatic Introduction IFC" option.
  • An error in the discretisation of slabs with sloped planes which could occur due to an accuracy problem when several coplanar panels come into contact has been fixed.
  • An error that occurred when activating snaps after adding a floor into a project imported from a BIM model has been fixed.
  • Snapping beam axes in the beam input process when the "Orthogonal on/off" option is activated has been improved. Due to a previous improvement in this option, this snap was only possible if the mouse cursor was placed exactly on the beam axis.