Improvements and corrections

CYPECAD version 2023.g includes the following program improvements and corrections for some specific cases:

  • An option has been implemented that allows the check for the minimum bending resistance of columns to be omitted from the capacity design for Eurocode 2 and its National Annexes. Using this option, Eurocode 8 paragraph can be considered where columns are exempt from the check in the circumstances described in this article.

  • An error in the design of beams with stirrup-carrying reinforcement that occurred in some particular cases and with beams of small widths has been corrected.

  • The article description has been corrected in the check of the number of bars for columns, according to the design criteria for ductility of Eurocode 8.

  • A one-off error in the maximum reinforcement ratio check according to Eurocode 8 seismic design criteria has been corrected.

  • An error in the checking of stirrup spacing outside the critical zone in columns for NSR 10 (Colombia) has been corrected.

  • An error in the wet service factor in the timber checks for CIRSOC 601 (Argentina) has been corrected.

  • Beam design has been improved, prioritising complete stirrups rather than overlapping stirrups in the event of torsion.

  • The modification to clause 6.4.5, Punching shear resistance of slabs and column bases with shear reinforcement, of EN 1992-1-1:2004/A1:2014 has been implemented.

  • An error in the load combinations used for designing foundations as a reinforced concrete element, which occurred when selecting the Spanish structural code "Código structural" and the criteria for foundations from the Spanish building code CTE DB SE C, has been corrected.

  • The checking of deflection in contour plots has been improved. When selecting "Worst case combination", instead of showing the contour plots of the selected combination, those of the self-weight loads were shown, although the analysis of the deflection was carried out correctly. Now, the values corresponding to the selected combination are displayed.

  • The checking of the fire resistance of columns has been improved. If a column span crosses several floors, the check is carried out with the values entered in the floor above. Previously, in some of these cases, no such check was carried out.

  • An error that could occur in "General data" when editing "Criteria of reinforcement by ductility" or "Building elements" when changing the seismic code has been corrected.

  • An error that occurred when changing the section of a column from rectangular to circular, or vice versa, on the first floor using the column reinforcement editor, has been fixed.

  • The export of columns to IFC has been improved. The angle at which it has been defined is now included.

  • The "Forces in flat/waffle slab nodes" panel has been improved. Now the whole tables are displayed without the need to scroll horizontally.

  • The display of curved stair floor slabs in 3D views has been improved.

  • An error that occurred during foundation design when there were loads on a foundation element whose associated load case was deactivated has been fixed.

  • The editing of portal frames has been improved. Users can now use "Undo" and "Redo" after modifying "Deflection groups".

  • An error that occurred when editing a tendon with an end that was very close to but not intersecting another tendon has been fixed.

  • The export of floor slab reinforcement has been improved. Some floor slabs were not using the covers defined for them.

  • The installation of example jobs has been improved. If no example jobs are available in the installation language, the example jobs available in English are installed.

  • The design of columns for buildings with low ductility reinforcement criteria has been improved, based on what is specified in the Portuguese National Annex NP EN-1998-1:2010 / A1 2013 concerning point 4.4.1. When considering the low ductility criteria, the check of the "Global and local ductility conditions (NP EN-1998-1:2010," is no longer considered.