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New 3D work environment

CYPELEC Distribution has changed from a 2D environment to a new 3D work environment, achieving greater capacity in the design and modelling of the electrical installation.

The new 3D work environment achieves the following:

  • Greater geometrical accuracy when placing receivers and nodes that belong to the feeders.
  • Improved distribution of the conduits through which the supply circuits and lines to the receivers run, including the vertical utilities shafts between floors.

The implementation of the 3D work environment, together with other new features presented in this patch, prevents this version 2023.b of the program, and any subsequent versions that are published, from reading any jobs created using versions prior to 2023.b. Nevertheless, should users wish to read jobs from previous versions via CYPELEC Distribution, they should note that this can always be carried out with a version prior to version 2023.b. Thus, using this earlier version, users can edit, modify or simply view jobs from previous versions. Furthermore, previous versions of the program can be downloaded and installed at should users wish to install them.

For new jobs, we recommend that this latest version is always used.