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New 3D work environment

CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems has upgraded from a 2D work environment to a new 3D work environment.

Thanks to the new 3D working environment, users can achieve the following:

  • Greater geometric precision when placing pipes, sprinklers, hangers, valves, etc.

  • All elements and pipes in the different views (3D views, plan views, elevation views, etc.), mainly vertical pipes, are now easier to generate.

  • Greater geometrical precision when placing and checking the elements of the system.

This new version of CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems allows any jobs carried out with previous versions of the program to be read and analysed.

The program's edit menu has also been updated. The default receiver is now the select receiver and not the edit receiver.

Two new tools have also been added to the editing menu:

  • Extend/trim element
  • Extend/trim to intersection