Associated programs

New features and improvements in exports to BIM projects

  • Exporting DXF/DWG templates inserted by the user
    If users have entered DXF/DWG templates to model the job, these templates will be exported and stored in and will be loaded into all other programs together with the 3D model.

  • Exporting groups of architectural elements and furniture to IFC
    Groups of architectural elements and furniture, defined using the "Groups" tool, are exported to the IFC standard via the "IfcGroup" entity. These groups can be read by other Open BIM applications such as Open BIM Quantities.

  • Interacting with Open BIM Layout
    • Updating tags and surface area tables
      Tags are updated in Open BIM Layout when program users update the BIM project data. Therefore, any change made in CYPE Architecture that affects these tags and is exported to the BIM project means that it will be updated in Open BIM Layout together with the project update.