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New features in the "Edit" menu

Two new features have been introduced in the “Edit” menu of the “Architecture” tab toolbar:

  • Copy properties
    Allows properties (Reference, Level, Label, Colour, etc) to be copied between elements of the same type.

To copy the properties of an element follow the steps below. Remember that properties can only be copied between elements of the same type.

  1. Click on “Copy properties” in the “Edit” menu.
  2. Select the element whose properties you wish to copy.
  3. A window will appear with a list of properties that can be copied and their values.
  4. Choose the properties to be copied and click on accept in the panel.
  5. Select the elements where the selected properties will be copied.
  6. The properties will be automatically transferred to the selected element.
  • Measure area
    Allows the measurements of an area to be obtained by selecting on screen the points of the polygon that define it. Both the area and the dimensions of the perimeter lines outlining the polygon are obtained.

    The dimensions are saved in the program and can be viewed again at any time by clicking on the “Measure area” button again. To delete the saved areas from the memory click on “Delete measurements”.