Other improvements and corrections

CYPECAD version 2024.a includes the following program improvements and corrections for some specific cases:

  • It is now easier to enter panels such as "Waffle slabs", "Flat slabs" and "Mat foundations". In the case of waffle slabs, the "Direction of the longitudinal ribs" must be defined and in the case of slabs, the "Direction of the longitudinal reinforcement". In both cases, users can choose between three options: "Parallel to a beam", "Perpendicular to a beam" and "Two pass-through points". This allows users to have more control over the reinforcement layout. Previously, the program automatically determined which direction the longitudinal and transverse reinforcement should face from the direction of a beam or two pass-through points.

  • The "Forces and reinforcement of columns, shear walls and walls" report has been improved. The chapter "Starts of columns, shear walls and walls by loadcase" is divided into 3 tables: "Starts at foundations", "Floating starts" and "Column and wall starts that begin on other columns and walls".

  • In version 2024.a, the export of tangential stress reinforcement bars to be read by StruBIM Rebar has been implemented.

  • The "Panel data" option has been improved. When selecting a panel by entering its number, it is marked in yellow and will flash beforehand. This improves the visual localisation of panels that have a small outline in relation to the total floor plan. Additionally, openings can now also be selected.

  • An error that occurred when drawing reinforcement detail drawings if there are hollow core slabs in the job with a different top reinforcement steel than the one selected in the job has been solved.

  • The installation of example jobs has been improved. Now, before installing an example job that has been modified, all files in the job are deleted. This avoids certain errors that could have occurred if, for example, integrated 3D structures had been added.

  • The maximum range of "Beam options - Design - Beam reinforcement - Maximum number of bars per layer - Maximum number of bars" has been increased to 20.

  • An error that could occur in some cases when exporting the reinforcement of concrete walls has been fixed.

  • The drawing of disconnected "Bearing walls" with columns has been improved. These disconnections cannot be made on the floor where the column starts, but in some particular cases, the disconnection symbol was shown although it was not taken into account in the design model.

  • The export of beam portal frame bars has been improved. In some cases, when there was an unevenness in the portal frame, reinforcement was generated outside the portal frame.

  • The export of sloped beam reinforcement bars has been improved. After a first export, they are re-exported with the same identifier so that they can be updated correctly in StruBIM Rebar.

  • The export of reinforcement bars from punching shear reinforcement has been improved. After a first export, they are re-exported with the same identifier so that they can be updated correctly in StruBIM Rebar.

  • The export of reinforcement bars for punching shear reinforcement of the "Reinforcement inclined at 45°" type has been improved. In mat foundation, they are generated in an inverted form.

  • An error that could occur when adding a new fire resistance zone when the codes for checking the fire resistance of rolled steel and cold-formed steel sections were different, has been fixed.

  • An error that occurred after assigning "Consider soil-structure interaction" to wall footings in contact with columns whose base had a "With external fixity" type has been fixed.

  • An error has been corrected in the 3D views of elements with a height of 0. Furthermore, it is now no longer possible to enter elements with a height equal to 0.

  • An error in the "Match" option in the column reinforcement editing that prevented the selection of the columns to which the geometry and reinforcement of the selected column were to be copied has been fixed.