Other improvements and corrections

CYPECAD version 2024.b includes the following program improvements and corrections for some specific cases:

  • Exporting ramp reinforcement.

  • An option has been added to allow the use of the combinations of the CIRSOC - 05 standard when selecting the AISC 360 rolled steel or AISI-S100 formed steel standards.

  • The generation of loads corresponding to the tendons in waffle slabs with post-tensioned reinforcement has been improved in cases where the tendon passes through a drop panel. Previously, the difference in the eccentricity of the drop panel with respect to the waffle slab was not taken into account.

  • The grouping of portal frames has been improved by obtaining drawings of them. The comparison criteria have been modified to allow more precise detection of portal frames with the same geometry and reinforcement.

  • An error that could occur when editing the foundation elements of some example jobs has been fixed. This was due to the fact that these jobs did not have all the files that had been generated during the analysis in any of the jobs.

  • An error in the export of reinforcement bars has been fixed. This could occasionally happen when a rebar had a very gentle change of direction.

  • An error that occurred when the "Number of colours" was changed to 24 in "Colours for the representation of contour plots" has been fixed.

  • The report for rectangular slabs has been improved. In some cases, when the reinforcement provided is due to the minimum amount, it was not displayed correctly.

  • An error that occurred in the "Solution of the equation system" phase of the analysis and which prevented this phase from being completed has been corrected. In the case detected, it occurred in a linear element of more than 12 metres (with 57 force points) of a job with 29 load cases and 87 vibration modes.

  • An error that occurred when editing a bolt-type punching shear reinforcement, defined as "Radial", has been corrected. The error occurred if the number of rows was 1 and was changed to a different value.

  • An error that occurred when selecting "Quantities" in " > Share" if there were steel sections with haunches in the job has been fixed.

  • The seismic and capacity checks of the ACI14 and ACI19 and Bolivia-20 standards have been improved when the category is C.

  • The "Delete all the elements from the list" button has been added to the punching shear studs library panel.