Other improvements and corrections

Version 2022.f of CYPECAD includes other minor improvements and corrections of the program for certain cases:

  • Foundation
    An error that occurred when analysing jobs containing foundation elements with soil-structure interaction in floors affected by wind loads has been fixed.

  • Non-structural beams
    Non-structural beams or limit beams are allowed at the ends of timber joists.

  • Columns schedule
    An error that occurred when obtaining the columns schedule of jobs containing a code without U.L.S checks, and that had a special character in the job name (punctuation marks, for example) has been fixed.  This error occurred in the changes made in version 2022.e.

  • Columns schedule
    An error that occurred when obtaining the column schedule in some unique cases involving sloping roofs has been fixed.

  • Concrete code selection
    There is an improvement in the organisation of concrete codes when it comes to selecting them.

  • Foundation beam dimensioning
    The dimensioning of foundation beams in walls in the drawing of frames has been improved. In some cases, the length shown was somewhat longer than the actual length.

  • Jobs with shear walls and deleted temporary files
    An error that occurred when a job with shear walls was opened and its temporary files were deleted after it had been analysed, has been fixed.

  • Sharing with with the Spanish structural code "Código Estructural" as the selected standard
    In the "Share" dialogue box ( menu > Share) users can select the "Open BIM Memorias CTE" option if the selected standards are those corresponding to the Spanish structural code "Código Estructural".