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Other improvements and corrections

Version 2022.e of CYPECAD includes other minor improvements and corrections of the program for certain cases:

  • Final design report
    In the final design report, warnings concerning concrete wall checks have been added.

  • Checking the results of wall openings
    An error that occurred when checking the results for wall openings when these were defined on a floor with continuous reinforcement has been fixed.

  • Editing frames
    When editing beam frames, the possibility to define "Length with straight extension" in "Longitudinal reinforcement > Edit hooks" has been added.

  • Checking fire resistance
    An error that could sometimes occur when checking a series of steel sections in beam frames, when checking fire resistance, has been fixed.

  • Sharing in
    The " > Share" option panel has been improved, it was not displayed correctly at times when the screen resolution is small.

  • Sharing in
    An error that could occur in the " > Share" option when generating the reinforcement for column starts has been fixed.

  • Punching shear check
    An error that occurred in the punching shear check process when there is a mat foundation with a very small surface in contact with a column has been fixed.

  • Deleting or dividing groups
    An error that occurred when deleting or dividing a group in the case of walls with blocked reinforcement has been fixed.

  • Beams information
    An error that occurred when selecting a wall that starts on top of another wall in the "Information - Beams" option has been fixed.

  • Bills of quantities
    The measuring of formwork for beams in the "Bills of quantities" option has been improved. In some cases, an element with a 0 m2 surface was added.

  • Changing a job’s code (EHE-08 to Código Estructural)
    The transformation of a job initially created with code EHE-08 when it is updated to code "Código Estructural" has been improved. As well as adapting the "Environment" selection in "General data", it is adapted in each beam that has a specific assignment.

  • Checking the baseline shear
    The checking of the base shear for walls without external fixity in contact with column starts with external fixity has been improved.

  • Checking geometry
    An error that occurred in the "Check the geometry of the current group" and "Check the geometry of the current group and higher groups" options, if sloped beams had been introduced in the job, has been fixed.

  • Analytical model
    An error that could sometimes occur when obtaining the analytical model of a wall whose axis did not match the centre and that ended in a sloped slab has been fixed.

  • Assign walls
    The "Assign walls" option has been improved in order to consider embedded or crown beams with specific features.