Post-tensioned waffle and joist floor slabs (CYPECAD module)

The CYPECAD module: "Post-tensioned waffle and joist floor slabs" allows users to design the passive reinforcement of waffle slabs, in-situ joist floor slabs and their perimeter beams, after calculating the forces of the post-tensioned tendons (adherent or non-adherent) and whose properties have been introduced by users.

This module allows users to introduce the layout of the tendons, their definition, stressing loads and percentage losses (instantaneous and deferred). The program generates two post-tensioned loadcases (one with instantaneous losses and the other with total losses: instantaneous + deferred) in which it will introduce the deviation loads that are produced due to the path of the tendons.

During the reinforcement design phase of the waffle slabs and, if the tendons have been defined as adherent, the contribution of the remaining or excess capacity of the active reinforcement is taken into account, which is subtracted to determine the passive reinforcement.

The functionality of the tools for introducing and editing bending lines and tendons is the same as for Post-tensioned slabs for building.

In order for CYPECAD to be able to carry out the indicated calculations for post-tensioned waffle slabs and joist floor slabs, the user license must include the permits for the “Post-tensioned waffle slabs and joist floor slabs” module.