Punching shear studs

Since version 2015.a, CYPECAD has had the "Punching shear verification" module. This module makes it easier to verify slabs with and without punching shear reinforcement in accordance with the criteria of the concrete code.

Under the current European standard, Eurocode 2, the resistance provided by punching shear reinforcement is limited. The use of stud systems as punching shear reinforcement of slabs has the advantage of increasing the limit value of the punching shear resistance and avoids the need to increase the depth in many cases.

As of version 2024.a, the CYPECAD module "Punching shear verification" allows punching shear reinforcement by means of studs. In the "Results" tab, users can add reinforcement to punching shear by means of studs (Flat/Waffle slabs > Punching shear > Add reinforcement > Studs) and also generate them (Flat/Waffle slabs > Punching shear > Generate reinforcement > Studs).

The program carries out the punching shear verification of the slab taking into account the reinforcement entered and the criteria of the selected concrete code.

The codes that have been implemented in this version are the following:

  • Spanish structural code "Código Estructural"
  • Eurocode 2 and National Annexes
  • ACI 318 08
  • ACI 318 11
  • ACI 318 14
  • ACI 318 19

A new "Punching shear" report has been implemented, replacing the "Punching shear checks" report.

In this new report, users can check the data of the elements used as punching shear reinforcement (45-degree reinforcement, beam type reinforcement, and punching shear studs) and their quantities, in addition to the checks.

The "Punching shear reinforcement" drawing shows the information on the arranged punching shear reinforcement, including studs.

The possibility of using Peikko's PSB® punching shear reinforcement has been incorporated.

The program has all the data provided in the corresponding ETA (European Technical Assessment) document. To use Peikko's reinforcement systems, simply choose one of the available product references from those available.

The range of products available in the program and their analysis data are always kept up to date thanks to the connection to the OBDatabase.