Reading the adjacent buildings on the site model

As of version 2022.b, Open BIM Analytical Model can read the buildings entered into the site model that has been defined for the project linked to the platform. Project location information can be entered via the free Open BIM Site application, available from the Store.

To read the buildings from the Open BIM Analytical Model environment, the corresponding collaboration must be marked during the linking or updating process of the project. Once in the application, the buildings will be interpreted as the physical model’s "Own shadows". These elements can be used as a reference to design the analytical model manually or to automatically generate the analytical model. In the latter case, when using the "Analytical model" option in the "Generate" group in the toolbar, shadow surfaces will be created for the analytical model based on the shading elements of the physical model.

The BIM thermal simulation applications developed by CYPE can use the analytical model from Open BIM Analytical Model and, thus, consider the shading elements generated based on the buildings.