Rebuild tree

The "Rebuild tree" feature has been added to the toolbar of the "Bill of quantities" tab in the applications where this tab is included. This button is available in the main window of the "Bill of quantities" tab, as well as in the definition panel of the cost databases and prices of the job.

Thanks to this new feature, it is now possible to display or collapse the bill of quantities tree based on the type of items it contains. The reconstruction options allowed in this version are the following:

  • Show only the first work section level
    Only work section type concepts that derive directly from the root of the bill of quantities are displayed.
  • Only show work sections
    All work section type concepts are displayed.
  • Show work sections and items
    All work section type concepts and items are displayed.
  • Expand all
    All the work section type concepts, the items and the detail lines they contain are displayed. For cost databases, the breakdown of the items is displayed instead of the detail lines.