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Redesign of the "Thermal model" and "Thermal loads" tabs

The "Thermal model" (called "Building" in previous versions) and "Thermal loads" tabs have been redesigned to improve user experience when defining and maintaining the building thermal model, as well as when analysing the results.

  • “Thermal model” tab
    Users can work on the 3D model of the building, so the elements within it can be selected, with no need to locate them on the tree diagram on the left-hand side.

    Work on the building definition tree has also been improved by creating a more dynamic library system. Furthermore, each element can be modified individually, with no need to create new elements in the library.
  • “Thermal loads” tab
    Users can also interact with the 3D model of the building here, meaning that the analysis of the results for each element is quicker and more intuitive.

    Furthermore, the graphical analysis of the results has been added with the possibility of establishing analysis ranges. This allows the desired results to be displayed on the 3D model of the building.