Sketch groups

The program has two new features for grouping or ungrouping drawing elements in the "Sketch" tab. These features can be accessed from the "Sketch" tab in the "Drawing elements" section.

Sketch groups allow us to group lines and surface areas, isolating them from the rest of the elements, with the aim of making it easier to handle sets of drawing elements (move, copy, rotate, symmetries, etc.). The groups also isolate the elements they contain from the rest of the drawing, thus preventing them from overlapping with each other.

The “Sketch” tools interact in the following way with the groups:

  • Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale and Symmetry will affect the whole group.
  • Extrude will affect the surface areas by adding extruded elements to the group.
  • Invert, Edit, Assign colour and Assign label will affect the surface areas, adding the properties to the group.
  • Offset will affect the surface areas but will not add the new offset elements to the group.

Each generated group is unique, modifying an element of a group will not affect copies of the same group. To learn how to create matching sets, see the new feature: "Sketch objects".