Alicante is host to ACCEPT, an international project to revolutionise the construction sector with the use of smart glasses


CYPE has been the host of this European research meeting

The project has been selected by the European Commission to be financed with the new European framework programme for research and innovation, Horizon 2020

Alicante hosted an international meeting, from the 28th to the 30th September, to work on the ACCEPT 2020 project, a European initiative that counts with a budget of €4.5 million from the European Commission, which aims to minimise errors in the execution of construction works and improve building energy efficiency thanks to the use of smart glasses.

At the meeting were different experts from Spain, Germany, Cyprus, Belgium and Italy, who have delved into the development of software that will incorporate smart glasses with which this project aims to help improve building systems in Europe.

Specifically, the ACCEPT project, which lasts for three years and has been selected by the European Commission to be financed by the new European framework program for research and innovation, Horizon 2020, is to develop smart glasses that will collect data information about the job, both passively and actively, in order to generate a work guide for the user during the construction process. The smart glasses will also have an app that will allow professionals to remotely coordinate the work process and the collect additional data during its execution thanks to different sensors that will be installed in the workplace.

Benjamín González, Corporate Development Director of CYPE, host company of the event, explains how "the latest technological advances have obliged professionals in the construction industry to have to adapt and create new products that optimise construction processes, reduce errors and make the construction sector more competitive".