Collaboration between CYPE and the National Board of Architects of France (CNOA)


The OSCAR program allows for a dialogue to be established with CYPETHERM RT2012 providing architects with greater autonomy.

In early 2015, the Conseil National de l'Ordre des Architectes (CNOA) requested CYPE to develop an interface to operate between OSCAR and the new CYPETHERM RT2012 program to ensure compliance with the RT2012 code is achieved. This interface allows users to verify whether the thermal regulation for obtaining building permits is complied with or not.

The OSCAR program is a web application which aids in the thermal study and was developed in 2013 by CNOA and the INCUB' technical office. The program helps architects from the start of the project design process to obtain the best thermal configurations.

The dialogue established with CYPETHERM RT2012 allows users, once the project has been optimised using OSCAR, to verify its compliance with the RT2012 code by calculating the Bbio and controlling the required thermal properties, before obtaining the building permits.

Once the project has been optimised and validated, architects can download a file they can then interchange with other programs to use at their office and complete the thermal study.

The collaboration project with CNOA will provide all architects, who are in possession of other thermal software, with a free license of the CYPETHERM RT2012 program to import the interchange file and generate the documents required to obtain the building permits.

With this agreement CYPE intends to reach two very important objectives: allow for the architect to be more independent in the design phases and when presenting permits; and to establish a quick and easy dialogue between architects and technical users.

CYPETHERM RT2012, which is pending certification by the CSTB, was an award winner at the 2015 BATIMAT innovation competition for being able to synchronise analysis and thermal design projects with OpenBIM technology, using IFC4 format and ISO 16739:2013.

CYPETHERM RT2012 forms part of CYPETHERM Suite, which was launched during the 2015 BATIMAT fair, and integrates IFC Builder (free of charge) for the creation of 3D models.

More information on our CYPETHERM Suite webpage.