CYPE expands the number of languages its software is translated into to include Japanese and Romanian

The architecture, engineering and construction software company, CYPE, has taken a new step in its internationalisation process with the adaptation of its BIM Essentials program group into Japanese and Romanian, an initiative that will allow local designers to work in their native language with the group of applications that make up the core BIM work proposed by the company. Furthermore, the Spanish technology company has also translated this group of programs into Russian, as it has done in the past with its structural programs, while the Open BIM-Revit Plugin is also available in Japanese, Russian, Chinese and Polish.

As for the Japanese market, CYPE has increased and strengthened its commercial visits to this country over the last few months. Thanks to this, it has met with Japanese companies, professionals and manufacturers in the construction industry, benefiting from the positive image it has gained from having already developed some BIM applications for companies such as Fujitsu and Panasonic.

Also, the signing of agreements with universities, such as Shimane University, which provides students with the licenses they need in order to use and master the CYPE programs via the platform, "requires us to translate the interface of our programs in order to facilitate their use and understanding," explains Carlos Fernández, CYPE's technical director.

The CYPE applications that have been translated into Japanese which make up the BIM Essentials software group are: CYPE Architecture, IFC Uploader, Open BIM Analytical Model, Open BIM Layout, Open BIM Model Checker, Open BIM Site and finally the Open BIM-Revit Plugin

"With these applications, and using an architectural model created in CYPE Architecture, for example, Japanese users can now design and analyse the construction systems of a building, develop an analytical model for thermal simulations, calculate the cost of the project through a BIM bill of quantities, study the compatibility between disciplines through a clash detection analysis and prepare all the plans and drawings of the project in their native language," explains the technical director of the software company for architecture, engineering and construction.

Besides Japanese, CYPE has also expanded the number of programs translated into Russian (it adapted the CYPECAD, CYPE 3D and CYPE Connect programs in 2014) with the aim of reaching more countries where this language that uses the Cyrillic alphabet is an official language. Just like in Japanese, the new applications available are those that make up the BIM Essentials by CYPE group of programs.

Available in twelve languages

With this task of adaptation into new languages, CYPE now has a total of ten languages, allowing professionals from all over the world to work with the applications the company has developed in their native language. More specifically, the languages available are: Spanish, French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian and Japanese. Furthermore, the Open BIM-Revit Plugin is also available in Chinese and Polish. Alongside this translation work is the continuous implementation of standards in the countries in which the company is present, a task that Carlos Fernández describes as "essential" for local designers to be able to work with maximum quality and safety when carrying out their designs and construction analyses.