CYPE launches BIM training platform for architecture, engineering and construction professionals


CYPE LEARNING brings together more than a hundred self-study and practical courses, as well as presentations and a section where users can register for the workshops organised by the company

The audiovisual content covers the design (conceptualisation, planning, architectural design, structural design and MEP design, coordination analysis) and execution (drawings, manufacturing, procurement) phases. They also include more than a dozen different trades

CYPE has launched a global BIM training platform where it has brought together more than a hundred learning resources aimed at professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. CYPE LEARNING, which is the name of this new virtual space, has both self-learning courses and practical courses, as well as a wide range of presentations on CYPE's latest new features. Most of CYPE's BIM training audiovisual resources are free of charge.

For Carlos Fernández, CYPE's technical director, this new BIM teaching environment using CYPE's programs will help professionals "shorten the learning curve in their training and increase their competitive advantages by learning to master and make the most of the new technologies currently used in the construction industry".

Thanks to the training offered on the new website, which will be updated periodically, users will learn how to use CYPE tools for working in an Open BIM workflow and master the programs that will enable them to improve professionally and access new positions that are increasingly in demand in the sector, such as BIM Manager, BIM Coordinator, BIM Modeller or BIM Specialist, as well as many other possibilities.

"At CYPE LEARNING we have structured and organised the more than 700 meetings we hold each year all over the world, into different languages and types of learning"

Carlos Fernández, Technical Director at CYPE

Extensive BIM training catalogue

CYPE LEARNING has been structured according to the type of training so that professionals who access the website can choose to take self-study courses, practical courses or view some of the presentations that CYPE professionals have given online in more than 180 countries where the company is present. Likewise, anybody interested can also access the offer of on-site workshops organised by CYPE.

CYPE self-study courses

The self-study courses in CYPE LEARNING are designed so that participants can learn how to use the CYPE programs in a short amount of time. One of the advantages of this modality is that users can set their own pace and attendance times. This offer includes, for example, the Quickstart Guide - CYPE Architecture course, which offers 26 videos and is completely free of charge.

For professionals who want to delve deeper into the use of CYPE's programs, some of these courses can be complemented with a series of practical exercises, with real resolution cases, on the platform.  From this CDE (Common Data Environment) for architecture, engineering and construction, users have access to different exercises in more than a dozen specialities. Each of the exercises also includes the necessary files to be able to carry out the work successfully. These exercises can also be done without having to "go through" CYPE LEARNING.

Practical BIM courses and seminars: active learning

Practising is the best way to learn. That is what the CYPE LEARNING courses and practical seminars are for, and they are especially aimed at all those companies that want to implement CYPE BIM technology in their day-to-day work.

The practical BIM courses are taught by CYPE's team of experts and cover a wide variety of specialities such as architecture, documentation, energy efficiency, electricity and lighting, structures, plumbing and drainage, management, infrastructures, interoperability and MEP.

With a minimum duration of 10 hours, these seminars are aimed at a maximum group of 15 people and attendees receive a certificate of completion. Carlos Fernández explains that these courses are very well structured and comprehensive for beginners and advanced users alike.

"With this new training space, professionals can learn to work in a BIM workflow at their own pace, increase their competitive advantage, shorten learning curves and make the most of new technologies"

Carlos Fernández, Technical Director at CYPE

As well as self-study courses and practical courses, CYPE LEARNING has added a section where it will compile the presentations that the company plans to hold in different countries where its programs are used. It also includes a database of past presentations, which can be viewed online free of charge for those interested in learning about the company's latest developments. Presentations are currently available in eight languages.

CYPE's on-site workshops

For those who want to go a step further in their BIM training, they also have the option of complementing this training with the on-site workshops and solving any queries they may have face-to-face with CYPE experts. For this purpose, CYPE LEARNING has a calendar for keeping track of the date and venue.

Companies interested in receiving ad hoc training for their employees about the implementation of CYPE BIM software in their companies can contact the company directly from the website and request information to train the members of their organisation.

Available manuals and documents

As well as the courses and training available in CYPE LEARNING, this new BIM training space also offers free access to all CYPE's PDF documents. This way, professionals can download the user manuals for the company's programs, including CYPETHERM EPlus and CYPE Architecture, as well as CYPE catalogues, examples and calculation reports.

According to Carlos Fernández, the work that has been carried out to create CYPE LEARNING will facilitate and improve the qualifications of specialists in the architecture, engineering and construction industry by selecting, structuring and sorting the more than 700 training meetings that CYPE organises on average every year all over the world into different languages and learning types.

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CYPE LEARNING brings together more than a hundred self-study and practical courses, as well as presentations and a section where users can register for the workshops organised by the company