CYPE organises more than 700 training sessions to improve the qualifications of architecture, engineering and construction specialists


The sessions have been held in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian and Portuguese

Events that attract the most attendees are those related to structures, using BIM models for bills of quantities, management and documents, as well as those related to energy efficiency

Last year, CYPE organised more than 700 training sessions to improve the qualifications of specialists in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. The sessions were held in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian and Portuguese, as well as languages from the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, where the Spanish technology company has been working for months to position itself as a trusted supplier of specialised software.

According to Carlos Fernández, CYPE's technical director, one of the main objectives of CYPE's training activities has been to convey to designers the importance of centralising all project information in a digital model to begin to master the new technological requirements (including the BIM workflow) currently demanded by the labour market.

"The BIM concept continues to generate a certain amount of scepticism among a number of specialists, despite its implementation being unstoppable," according to Carlos Fernández. In fact, many designers are often unaware that they are working with this workflow when they use CYPE programs. "In our sessions, specialists are surprised when we explain this", adds CYPE's technical director, while emphasising that "the facilities offered by our technology in this field encourage a natural transition to digitalisation in the construction industry".

In terms of attendance, online participation was the leading choice, accounting for 95% of the attendees. These figures reflect a trend that began in 2020 with the pandemic, making this option an excellent resource for professionals to update and improve their knowledge in the use of cutting-edge computer applications. However, due to the importance that face-to-face events continue to have for CYPE, the company resumed and promoted these physical meetings by organising a total of 95, a number that it expects to exceed in 2023.

Training sessions with more attendees

The sessions with the most attendees were those related to structural software. The CYPE Connect sessions, for analysing complex connections in steel structures with the finite element method, and those of the StruBIM Steel program, for structural steel detailing and generating the graphic information of the structure, accounted for 20% of the participants. The events on the new Spanish structural analysis codes and how they affect graphic information and technical specifications of projects are an example of this, as they brought together almost a thousand construction professionals.

The sessions held about the use of BIM models for generating projects' cost estimations, quantities and documents, and those related to sustainability and energy efficiency were also among those that attracted the most professionals. More specifically, the session "Sustainable Architecture and Bio-construction: practical application in a glamping module project", and another one entitled "CYPELEC PV Systems and Solar Plumbing Renewable Energy solutions by CYPE" for the design, analysis and sizing of a PV system for international professionals were particularly noteworthy. Furthermore, the training sessions related to the acoustic study of buildings and the use of CYPE Architecture, the company's free software for architectural modelling in BIM, also attracted the interest of designers from all over the world.

When it comes to Spanish attendees, fire protection and safety caught the attention of almost a thousand professionals, who were trained in the use of the updated CYPEFIRE program for checking and validating the fire safety of buildings and industrial establishments. This powerful tool allows architectural models created with any BIM modelling program (CYPE Architecture, Revit, Archicad, Allplan, etc.) to be validated, making it easier for professionals in the industry to carry out these types of checks.

Visits to more than 30 countries

In addition to this training, CYPE boosted its attendance at international events in Asia, the Persian Gulf and Baltic countries where the technology company is signing agreements with universities to grow in markets it considers strategic. CYPE also attended international trade fairs in well-established markets such as Latin America, Portugal, France, Morocco and Algeria, among many others.

CYPE, through these international visits and thanks to the adaptation of CYPE software to the code needs of each country, seeks to "build loyalty among our existing users, increase our market share with quality training and strengthen our company's brand," explains Carlos Fernández.