CYPE implements Inmesol generators and switchboards in the Open BIM workflow


CYPE develops the free tool "Open BIM Inmesol" downloadable from the platform.

CYPE has developed the tool called "Open BIM Inmesol" to assist designers in the selection and positioning of generator sets and switchboards of this manufacturer. In addition, professionals can also design the switching scheme between the installed groups and the power network.

The new tool "Open BIM Inmesol" is completely free and can be downloaded through the platform. As for the working environment of this tool, the program is structured in two sections: Plane and Scheme.

In the first section the user can make the layout on the plane of both the generator sets and the switchboard. Once the user has chosen the equipment that meets the needs of the installation, the program assists in the positioning of each element. To do so, it shows both the perimeter of the building for which the installation is being made and that of the adjacent ones, as long as they have been defined in the 3D model of the BIM project.

In the "Scheme" tab, the user can design the connection and switching system in the supply with or without interlocking. To do this, you have the option of individually entering each of the elements that make up the switchboard. In addition, the user has a tool to directly enter any of the predefined schemes that appear in the Inmesol catalog. Once introduced, the program allows free editing by modifying or adding the elements that the user considers appropriate.

The generated IFC includes the 3D representation of the elements used, their position and their reference to be interpreted in other calculation programs. In this way, the power of each generator can be used in programs for calculating electrical installations, and their sound level by acoustic study programs.